Logistic Services

Stock management – pharmaceutical industry

GMP-based storage as well as all applicable safety regulations (German Drugs Act, Ordinance on the Internal Regulations for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers).

We offer you product-specific storage (e.g. temperature-regulated storage, temperature-controlled storage, quarantine storage, quarantine storage, retained sample storage).


Goods receipt

Using a safety checklist, every goods receipt is checked by us in strict compliance with the legal guidelines (German Drug Act, Ordinance on the Internal Regulations for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers).

Furthermore, we also take your specific requirements into account. We offer you a system-controlled release and quarantine system.


Order taking

In order to guarantee the smoothest possible organisation of the order processing for our customers, we offer order taking both by telephone and fax as well as via email and Internet. As a user of our customer order system, you can record the order in your own inventory control system and transfer it to us via interface.

We can also set up a customised order hotline for you. In all cases of order taking, we guarantee that the order will be processed within 24 hours, and on the day of order receipt if necessary.



Our requirement: a maximum of delivery quality. We achieve this quality by experienced employees checking and matching all deliveries and orders at the key interfaces using barcode technology.

Our guarantee: you products will leave our company only after 100% compliance with all relevant data.


Packaging and shipment

When packaging your products, we comply fully with your specifications. External partners whom we have selected or you have specified are responsible for the prompt and punctual transport of the shipments. We will carry out each stage of transportation on your behalf while strictly respecting the legal guidelines.

We can always notify you about the current delivery status of your shipment.



We offer you comprehensive reporting. This includes amongst others:

  • Inventory lists
  • Incoming/outgoing stock lists
  • Customised reports
  • Batch tracking

Returns management

We will handle the complete processing of your wholesale and chemist returns on your behalf. In doing so, we obviously work in strict compliance with the guidelines of the Ordinance on the Internal Regulations for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (§ 7b) and your defined quality management requirements.

Your return shipments are categorised and recorded in detail in a separate database. We readily offer you comprehensive reports systematised according to customers, products, batches and returns as well as reasons for testing. In accordance with your return regulations, we generate the remuneration and issuing of invoices for the returned goods of your customers. Your goods will be categorised and securely stored in our returns warehouse until a final decision has been made on retention. The archiving of the entire returns documentation is a matter of course.