Additional services

Medical Department Assistenz (MDA)

For us, MDA means professional input for the medical department of your company. In that connection, we rely heavily on close cooperation between your Drug Safety Officer (as well as qualified person for pharmacovigilance) and our specialist personnel.

By providing precise documentation and undertaking precise research, we offer you support for technical and medical complaints. Accordingly, we allow you to substantially reduce response times in the case of medical side-effects and relieve the strain on you during day-to-day business activities.

We can store, manage and check your retained samples on-site at any time. After triggering a recall, we immediately offer you complete analysis of all shipments of the batches affected by the recall.

Marketing and Sales

Wir erstellen individuelle Werbemittel.
When launching new products or medication, we offer you support by shipping promotional material and drug samples on time both to your field service and to your customers. We are more than willing to tailor customised advertising materials for you (e.g. introductory sets or even Christmas presents) and assemble advertising kits.

The inventory management of advertising materials and drug samples is a matter of course for us. The benefits for you: the high level of satisfaction of the field services ensures a high degree of credibility and efficacy of your sales staff.


Professional Mailings

We routinely implement the editing and processing of your professional mailings to pharmaceutical customers. For instance, we edit the requirements from the responses of mailings and send physician samples to pharmaceutical customers.

We archive all the mailing campaign in a database on your behalf and offer you a final success analysis.

We thereby support you with the scheduled launch of your products.

Other services

  • We will do the invoicing and payment tracking of your customer invoices for you via separate accounts.
  • Upon request, the delivery note and invoice will be printed on your stationery or in your name
  • We will collect defect devices, supply you with replacement devices and offer you a repair service
  • We will equip your back office with specially connected telephone numbers.